Hashtags 101

You’ve probably seen posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram filled with hashtags. Some of those hashtags are vanity and totally made up to drive a point home, and add humor. Those look like this #whydidiwakeupthismorningitscold and are typically useless. However, hashtags are ways to index and curate (collect) posts as well as ways to find like-minded people. Here are a few hints for using them on the three major social networks.


  • They only work in your network if your post’s privacy settings are not set on “public.”
  • You only need two or three on your post, because Facebook’s technology in order for others using the same hashtag to find your post.


  • Hashtags originated on Twitter, and most trending topics are based on common hashtag use.
  • You can use multiple hashtags in a tweet, but limit it to as few as possible.
  • Here is a site with popular Twitter hashtags https://www.hashtags.org/trending-on-twitter.html and it also has a hashtag analytics tool you can use.


  • You can use as many hashtags as you’d like and someone will find you.
  • You can also follow hashtags on Instagram to see what others are posting in the same topic area.
  • Here is a site that has popular hashtags for all networks but this page is for Instagram http://top-hashtags.com/instagram/ and feel free to use them liberally.

Hashtags are like magnets, and sometimes using them on a social media post can gain you followers. Some authors use hashtags that are not literary-oriented, for example, one author tweets about ethics and morals so she uses #entrepreneurship #startups and #smallbusiness. Her follower base has grown. Yours can too but take care not to bait and switch on posts. If the post is not related to the hashtag, people will lose interest in your content.

One last thing about hashtags: If you have a series of tweets or posts you’d like to keep up with, then you can create your own hashtag. Be certain not to use too many words in doing so.

Hope this helps.


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