Using Facebook Sell Groups to Market Books

Last year Facebook introduced the ability to sell within groups: Sell Groups. That’s right you can create a group with the purpose of selling your products, including books. Most authors will post that they have a new release, and post a link to their sites or Amazon, but now they can create a group and send ready buyers to it for a quick sale.

If you already have a group, no worries. You can go to Facebook Help and answer one question to convert your group.

If you create a new group just for selling, then you can use the same privacy settings: open/public, secret or closed. Anything you post to sell in an open group can be seen by the general public.

To use the app on your smartphone, just download Facebook Group App on the iTunes store for Apple, and Google Play for Android products.

There are two very good pros to selling in a Facebook group:

  1. There are no fees. You can sell and all of the money is yours.
  2. There is a special post for selling, and once an item is sold, there is a feature that marks it as such.

Do the research online or ask your friends if they’ve used it for reviews. If you’re engaging your readers on Facebook, why not sell there too? Also, Facebook Messenger has a feature that enables the exchange of money too.

Have you used a group to sell a product or your book? If so, share your experience in the comment section.

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