New Book Launch Checklist

This checklist contains a few details most of us forget until the last minute. Actually, most of the items are the things we think of after a book has been launched. They are the things we all learn through trial and error.

  1. Create a list of family, friends, and colleagues who can serve as your street team. Write an email, make a few calls, and hit them up on Facebook with a communique that is in the form of a request for help. Ask them if they’d be willing to assist you in selling your book. (Writing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads; sharing with social networks; and forwarding your email news.) Offer them signed copies, and if your budget allows, offer other incentives for their help.
  2. Budget in at least 20 books for the purpose of contests, reviews, and interviews. Keep those books separate from the ones you intend to sell.
  3. Write an announcement about your book launch to distribute to book clubs. Let them know your book is available and that you’re available for chats.
  4. Check with your local library system about having your book ordered. Most libraries purchase hard copies and e-books.
  5. Reach out to book bloggers with an announcement, and ask them to feature your book.

These five things are important to marketing your book. On the surface they seem easy enough to accomplish, but in the grand scheme of things, they are details, and we often overlook the details to stay focused on the bigger picture of selling books. Remember you’re not only selling a book, but you’re selling yourself too.

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