Writing Prompts Inspired by June Observances and Traditions

June is a really inspirational month. Think about it. There are graduations, weddings, vacations, and much more to draw from. Those are the traditions, but there are also monthly observances that provide inspiration. I’ve selected a few and created writing prompts (exercises) to assist in stirring your creative juices. To make it easy, just write one paragraph per topic, and give yourself ten minutes per prompt.

African American/Black Music Month

Using the title of  your favorite song by a black artist, write a story summary. For example, if your favorite song is Keep Your Head to the Sky by Earth, Wind & Fire, then write a story summary for the first thing that pops in your head. Don’t over-think it, just write.

National Soul Food Month

Write about your earliest food memory involving soul food? Most people have one of these stories. Do you remember the first time you ate collard greens? Do you remember a favorite meal involving soul food? Write it down in one paragraph and in 10 minutes.

National Rebuild Your Life Month

In one paragraph and in 10 minutes, write about the ONE thing (you believe) people need to rebuild their lives. This is pretty self-explanatory. Just write the one thing you believe people need to rebuild their lives. Is it money? Is it time? Is it a support system? Write it down.

Men’s Health Education and Awareness Month

Pretend you’re an internationally renowned expert in men’s health. What is the one thing you’d tell men that inspires them to care for themselves? Don’t worry about sounding like a doctor or scientist. Just write something that pops into your head.

Writing prompts are used for revving up creativity. Maybe you will be moved to write more beyond the 10 minutes and one paragraph. Perhaps you will be inspired to write a blog post or even an entire novel. The hope is that you’re just inspired to write.

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