10 Things Writers Can Do This Summer

Writing, for some of us, is a full-time venture combined with out other full-time ventures of jobs, home, and taking care of ourselves. Writing is work. Summer is an easy escape from writing as our activities increase with other obligations. Here are 10 things you can do this summer to keep your writing fresh, organized, and marketed.

  1. Revamp your vocabulary. Writers can be guilty of using the same words over and over. During your treks to garage sales or library book sales, purchase a thesaurus. You can also download any of these wonderful apps found on Dictionary.com to play around with. Thesaurus Rex could be the one you need to find synonyms, antonyms and terms to replace your overused words.
  2. Write something different. If you’re a fiction writer, write non-fiction. If you write poetry, try writing fiction. You can go online and find the proper way to write recipes out and re-write all of your original recipes or family recipes. Try another form of writing to stretch yourself a bit.
  3. Family reunion time is approaching and you have an opportunity to record family remembrances or oral histories on tape. If you feel like taking on the management of the project, then have family members divvy up to pay for transcribing the recordings and editing. After the reunion, you’ve created a wonderful document to send everyone via email in a Word document.
  4. Find a meet-up in your area for writers. Expand your writing network by having chats and coffee with people who come from different backgrounds but share a love for writing.
  5. Create a summer reading club. You choose 5 books and ask a few friends to participate. Take a poll of the books and choose the top 2. Meet a couple of times over a light meal to discuss the books.
  6. Forget writing entirely and focus on your social media efforts. Schedule for the months to come and engage a bit with followers. Let them know you’re alive and you care. But more than anything scour online for social media marketing tips you can use to build that platform to sell books.
  7. Volunteer yourself to guest blog on other writers’ blogs. In fact, volunteer to review books for a review blog you admire or who has reviewed your work. Turn it around and help a blogger out.
  8. Lead a day retreat for you and other writers (even would-be writers) to do exercises that stir up creativity. Use a site like Writing Exercises to do things as a group for a few hours. If you need a venue, book a conference room at your local library.
  9. Want a book deal? Use the summer to research and drafting your first book proposal. It’s not easy to write a book proposal, but you have to start somewhere. Start by doing.
  10. Enjoy the summer. It’s so easy to ignore what’s right in front of us. If you enjoy the summer, I promise you will have wonderful memories to draw from when you finally sit down to write again.

Do you have anything you do that’s special in the summer? Any advice for writers? If so, please share in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “10 Things Writers Can Do This Summer

  1. This is a great list! I especially like #3 since I’m going on a family reunion this summer. And since I need to give my manuscript a break (or rather give myself a break), I like #6. You saved the best for last – #10 Take a vacation. I plan to do that too! Thanks for sharing. Re-blogged this on Memoir Notes.

  2. I often feel guilty in the summer because, with kids off of school and vacation plans, I don’t have nearly as much time to focus on writing. Number 6 is a great idea for when I have limited creative time.

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