5 Google Chrome Applications to Manage Your Writing Life

Instead of searching online for things you need to write time-consciously and efficiently, there are some really interesting applications that can be accessed directly from your Chrome browser or within Google Drive.

ZIP Extractor is a tool you can use to unzip zip files. You don’t have to search around in your hard drive or online for another tool again.

Accent Grid is great for writing words and accessing the proper accent marks for them quickly. Microsoft Word does not always automatically auto-correct words requiring accents. Accent Grid can help, especially if  you’re working in Google Drive.

Wunderlist is wonderful for creating simple to-do lists or documenting immediate thoughts.

If you’re a person a who journals, then Journey is a great application for collecting things you find online to assist you in the process.

DocuSign is just the tool you need to electronically sign almost any type of document as well as send documents to others that require signing. A plus is that it also makes pdf files.

Do you like those memes with quotations and other sayings on them? Well, the next time you want to share and create a meme (no experience necessary) use Clean Memes.

These 5 are useful but the Google Webstore has many more applications for business, productivity and fun. They even have games. If you use anything from their webstore, please share in the comments so we can check them out.

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