A Few Good Reasons to Write Your Book Now

Every author on the planet has been applauded by someone for their first published work. Many of us are approached regularly by people who say, “One day I hope to write a book.” Hope is often delayed, however, and many let time pass without taking the necessary steps to make that dream a reality. Below are a few good reasons to write your book now.

  1. Fear fuels those who actually succeed at writing a book. Most people think it’s fear that stops a person from writing, but actually it propels most of us to finish a book. The fear of not doing it is stronger. Let your fear be your guide. Be afraid but do it anyway.
  2. Writing is freedom. You can write in a journal that no one reads, or you can write a novel or memoir that not only liberates you but someone else. Be free.
  3. There is never a good time to write a book, which is why many people fail at writing their first books. Inconvenience is a part of the process, so write now. A page a day for a year is over 300 pages. Write because it is inconvenient.
  4. Finishing a book makes all of your other goals appear more attainable. Most goals appear daunting until they are completed. Think of everything else you’ve accomplished and completed; small and big. Writing that book now will be a courageous act.
  5. Writing a book now will solve a major mystery. The mystery? That you can actually complete a book, publish it, and be an author. Until you do it, it will always be a mystery.

There are many other reasons to write a book now, including setting an example of inspiration for others. Do you have a special reason for writing? Share it in the comments.

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