Describing the Taste and Smell with Your Writing

Words can and should make an emotional connection with readers. To simply say something smells or tastes good and bad is not sufficient. You want to be more descriptive using words that get right to the heart of the matter. Below are two categories of words: good and bad. Imagine using some of the words below to describe two primary senses in your writing.


  • Words for good-smelling: Perfumed, scented, fragrant, aromatic, delightful, savory
  • Words for good-tasting: Savory, delectable, delicious, ambrosial, full-flavored, zesty


  • Words for bad-smelling: Acrid, pungent, stinking, foul, sharp, putrid, rancid
  • Words for bad-tasting: Acrid, pungent, blah, bland, putrid, gamey,

Sometimes it is a matter of habit to use good or bad to describe taste and smell, but that’s why we have the thesaurus, which provides both synonyms and antonyms.

We can even use a string of words in a sentence to convey both, but the point is to describe it in a way that grabs and holds a reader’s attention while inciting their senses.

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