Is Your Website Ready for Publicity?

Your author or personality website should contain a few things that make it easy for media to learn about you quickly. Moreover, those items should be of easy access to you in the event someone wants to interview you or feature your work.

  1. Hi-resolution photographs (over 1,000 pixels) of you and your book cover or product. The higher the resolution, the better. You will need a portrait, head shot, and a shot that shows you speaking or working. Update them regularly.
  2. Your bio in three forms: A brief 100 words or less boilerplate bio; a short 300-500 word bio; and your bio in long form.
  3. A list of notable projects and affiliations.
  4. Links to previous media.
  5. All of your social links, including LinkedIn.

These five things will save you time, and make it easy for media to find everything they need to write about you or feature you.

Yet, there is one last thing you need. You will need a clean site that contains a minimal of typographical errors and grammatical errors. You can go to to hire help in editing and proofreading your site’s copy. Don’t hire a cousin and avoid doing it yourself.

Are you ready?

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