3 Tips for a Great Instagram Feed

Instagram is not a mystery. We make it a mystery because on the surface all we see are photographs and memes. But there is a lot more to it, especially if you’re an author or writer. Here are three basic tips to creating a great Instagram feed.

  1. Be interesting. You have hobbies, recreational activities, and interests that match other Instagram users’ interests. Share photos of your garden, your knitting, the pastries you bake or the products you love.
  2. Tell a story of you without selfies. You don’t have to share selfies to tell a story about you and your book or product. Take a shot of that blank computer screen when you have writer’s block. Snap a photo of your feet reclining on your lounger or sofa to tell the story of a special moment of relaxation.
  3. Share what you love. Post photos of a work of art that moves you. A book that you love. That special coffee blend you buy. People love knowing that someone else shares their loves too.

Instagram hashtags are many, so research a few in their search engine or online. Also, think beyond your existing audience to attract a wider one using visual imagery on Instagram. Instagram is a great tool for continuing your marketing efforts without having to always promote your work. Use it as a supplement.


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