7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarizing in Your Work

In the previous blog post about plagiarism, we provide a primer or 101 lesson in the act. In this post, we will give you 7 tips to avoid plagiarizing in your work.

  1. Plagiarism includes images, video, and music. All need to be properly credited as in stating who the songwriter is in sharing music, or the producer is with video, and credit the owners of images you use in your work, including on social media. You will find that some images, video, and music will not require attribution, but check to be certain.
  2. Use quotation marks when using more than two words from a written piece and cite the author.
  3. Paraphrase something and make sure you cite the original author. For example, instead of using a direct quote, write the words in your own way, but make sure you share where you found that information.
  4. Plagiarism includes lifting and stealing ideas. If you are using an idea that you found somewhere else, simply give credit where credit is due.
  5. Understand that while facts cannot be held to the rules of plagiarism, the words used to express those facts can be held to the rules of copyright infringement.
  6. In works of fiction, check direct quotes by other authors and orators; make sure your story idea and its execution is not exactly the same as someone else’s work; and  look for similar titles and storylines on Amazon.
  7. Always remember that just because you found it on the internet, it is not always free for your use. Before using information, images, etc., make sure you can identify the author and owner, and then give them the appropriate credit.

There is so much to remember in regard to copyright infringement and plagiarism, which is why using a site like Plagiarism.org is highly recommended.

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