15 Activities Your Characters Should Be Doing In the Fall

Do you have a story that is set in the fall? Instead of just writing about brightly colored leaves and pumpkins, be more descriptive with their activities. Here is a list of 15 fall activities that can inspire your work.

  1. Have them attend an Oktoberfest. Every city and town in America has an Oktoberfest, and each of those festivals is famous for its food. Check out this list of recipes at FoodRepublic.com.
  2. Maybe your character likes to swap out their summer door wreath for a festive fall wreath.
  3. Fall exercise activities include biking, hiking, and running an indoor track.
  4. Does your character need to get away? Have them rent a cabin in the woods or take a ride in the country.
  5. If you have a sports-loving character, fall is football time. They can tailgate or attend a Friday Night Lights game at the local high school.
  6. Preparing a garden for frost is a great activity for your gardening character.
  7. If your character is young at heart or just needs to shake things up a bit, have them fall into a huge pile of leaves.
  8. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, perhaps your character is binge-watching a program on Netflix, and prone in the fetal on a comfy sofa.
  9. Or on that same rainy day, maybe your character decides to go outside and jump puddles in a pair of yellow rain boots.
  10. A weekend trip to a local winery for a tasting and lunch is a great thing to do in the fall.
  11. Perhaps your character likes to go outside in the mornings to drink a cup of coffee and watch birds fly south.
  12. Give your character some indoor “me time” by having them work on a craft project.
  13. Have your character bake fall goodies like pumpkin bread and pies.
  14. Maybe your character has to pick the last of their vegetables from a garden to can them or freeze them for the winter.
  15. And your character could prepare their house for the winter by checking gutters, changing windows, and raking leaves.

Do you know what else your characters can do in the fall? They can do whatever you do in the fall. That should make them mighty interesting.


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