Mental Floss: A Smart Website Chock-full of Information for Writers

Mental Floss is a magazine (online and print) that publishes some of the best quizzes, trivia, and information without the boredom and stuffiness. It’s actually quite entertaining. Writers, however, can find some useful articles on the site to help you with the process of writing as well as gird you with a bit more knowledge.

If  you do search on the site using the keyword “writing,” then you find articles about everything from little known facts about authors to little known facts about grammar to word usage trivia. Here are three articles you might find useful.

Do you need some social media content to share on Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn? Well, you can do keyword searches on Mental Floss’s site that could prove useful and fun. Try putting in the keywords “nursing,” “history,” and “African Americans” to see what you find. In fact, use keywords that are close to the subjects you like sharing, because there are many on this site.

Lastly, a fun offering are their quizzes. Try these quizzes: Pick the Correct Word for Each Definition and Think You’re House Smart?

Mental Floss is a great place online to waste some time, but it is also filled very useful information to make us all better writers…and learners.

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