New Fun with Facebook Pages

Facebook pages were kind of blah and bland for a long while. Most page owners struggled for participation and activity that engaged. Facebook just added a few changes that could make using your page a little more fun, and make the page even more useful to you.

  • The look has changed.
  • You can now use the @yourpagename for a username.  If you’ve already set your username, then it will convert automatically – depending on the length of the name. If you haven’t set a username, use this link to do so. (Log into your account and follow this link
  • You can also link your other social as well as find your page links easier. Even your call to action will be found right underneath your page’s profile pic. All of  your apps appear there too.
  • There are more options for posting photos. You can create an album, post a photo singularly, create a photo carousel or create a slideshow video complete with music. I suggest using a tool like Canva to uniform the sizes of your photos before uploading to a carousel or slideshow.
  • The ABOUT section is on the right and more visible. And …
  • You can search for posts on your page, because there is a search bar also on the right.

The new look and features are great for people with no personal website. You can be very creative in arranging the pages content and how you showcase your products or work. And don’t forget you can use hashtags on Facebook too.

Play around and let me know how you like it in the comment section below.


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