6 Resources for Writing Found on Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com is more than a genealogy site. Yes, you can create a family tree on Ancestry but you can also research historical information that helps you build a fiction story or tell a non-fictional story involving rich details.

The Ancestry Blog contains scores of stories about successful family searches on the site. It also contains things like coupons for some of their paid services, how-tos and tips for using registries, and search help. It’s incredibly organized into categories, so it you will find it easy to use.

Hire a Genealogist/Expert is a great way to ask someone adept at genealogy delicate and complicated questions to shape your story.

Ancestry Academy is the organization’s visual classroom on genealogy. You will find tons of instructional videos to assist you in a personal search or professional.

Message Boards enable users to ask questions and conduct queries. The easiest search is the surname search. Connect with others who can assist you in writing and with facts too.

Fold3.com is their affiliate site that houses military records and other government-related information. There are weekends and durations of free use, depending on your Ancestry membership type.

Newspapers.com is another affiliate that houses a wealth of archived newspapers from around the world.

Finally, a bonus is the LifeStory feature found on each person entered on a family tree. LifeStory offers historical context of the person’s life. To test it, sign up for Ancestry and fill out your personal information, then look at your own LifeStory entry. It’s pretty neat to see your life put in narrative form.

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