10 of the Best African American Genealogy and History Blogs and Websites

There are countless blogs and sites dedicated to African American history and genealogy; this is a list of 10 of the best. They are diverse and potentially helpful for writing as well as doing personal genealogy work.

FreeAfricanAmericans.com provides information on free blacks during colonial times in colonial states. There are links to information about Native American slaves as well as blacks freed after 1782.

Christine’s Genealogy Website is truly a labor of love. It contains information about slaves and emancipation.

Crestleaf’s 80 Resources for researching African American ancestry is amazing and pretty exhaustive. This is a page you will want to bookmark for later.

BlackPast.org is another great resource that not only provides information but resources for your searches and research.

Afrigeneas is a site for searches and for historical information.

Bernice Bennett’s Blog Talk Radio program is dedicated to history and genealogy. Her guests run the gamut from helpful to extremely helpful.

PBS’ History Detectives is a gem for learning how to research and learning the whys of research. You can also use their site to learn about investigative techniques and there is a section for educators, which is also a blessing for those of us in need of educating.

OurBlackAncestry.com has one of the best black history timelines found online.

The Library of Congress slave narratives are first-hand accounts of slave life and emancipation. The people interviewed can tell you best about slavery.

The Smithsonian magazine online has great articles about African American life. Do a keyword search and you will find little known information as well as long-form articles about historical facts.

Details are very important to writers and even in personal genealogy research. The hope is that these resources will help your writing become richer or help you learn more about your ancestry.

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