From My Archives: 4 Posts about Creativity

Creativity is limitless. I believe in a Creator who has no limits to His creativity or the creativity He blesses each of us with. So obviously creativity is important to all we endeavor, including those of us who write for a living. That said, I’ve gone through my archives to pull four posts that deal directly (an indirectly) with the creative process.

If you’re the praying type, pray and ask God to stir up your creativity. If you’ve ever read any parts of the Bible, then you know the stories of how people live their lives are endless. You also know the endings to those stories are not all the same. You know, too, that the people are without limit to their dimensions from the utterly despicable to incredibly good. There is no reason for your story to be like anyone else’s, but you’ve got to surrender the need to create your way.

Some of the best-selling books of all time took creative license to tell a story. My hope is that you tell stories that are true to your purpose, and inspired by your dreams.

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