Web Roundup of Some of the Best Writing Advice this Year

New and veteran writers need wise counsel. This post contains 8 of the best online articles to assist you in your writing business, but also to help you become a better writer.

Writer’s Digest

10 Things Every Writer Should Know About Amazon Publishing, 10/7/16

Writer’s Market Companion Excerpt: Freelance Writer Pricing Guide (Download)

The Writer Magazine

Agent/author Regina Brooks gives advice for authors, 10/7/16

Ask the Writer: What tense should I use when describing a novel?, 9/27/16

Jane Friedman

When Should You Write for Exposure? 5 Questions to Ask, 10/11/16

How to Leverage the Power of Someone Else’s Platform, 9/19/16

Jerry Jenkins

If You Really Want to Make it as a Writer, 9/13/16

“Am I Too Old to Write My Book?” 7/19/16

There you have it; 8 blog posts with wonderful advice. The year is not over, so can you imagine what else we will learn before 2017?

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