7 Fearless Things to Plan for 2017

Let’s take a cue from accomplished filmmaker Ava Duvernay, who said that she had to ultimately stop talking to people doing what she wanted to do, and just do it too. Here are seven fearless steps you can take in 2017; steps that can lead you closer to a dream.

You can stop looking for signs that you should be writing, singing, dancing, acting, owning a business or even losing weight. If it is a desire in your heart, then that’s sign enough.

You can stop seeking the counsel of people doing what you want to do, and just do it. That means you can stop talking to authors, and you can be an author. Write. Publish. Be.

You can stop telling yourself that you need more time, more money, more whatever to begin your dream. Interestingly, most people begin their dreams when they have absolutely nothing.

You can stop letting others discourage you from pursuing your interests and goals.

You can stop telling people what you’re going to do, and you can just do it.

You can stop listening to your own excuses and self-criticism.

You can stop getting in your own way. There is no one to stop you but you.

Maybe these 7 things are not exactly fearless, do them anyway. What do you have to lose? You have everything to gain, especially a brave new beginning.

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