8 Times in 2016 @JaneFriedman Taught Us How to be Better Authors

Jane Friedman is a highly-regarded expert on publishing and marketing for authors. She is the go-to woman who offers incredible information to make us better at our craft and better at the business of our craft. Let’s end the year with 8 articles written by Jane and posted on her blog. Each article is like a college course. You will learn much and you will follow her and her guest contributors. I promise.

  1. How to Get 10,000 Visits to Your Blog in One Day with No Platform
  2. Should You Hire a Professional Editor?
  3. 5 Steps to Great Cover Art
  4. Ask Your Friends to Lead a Mini Brigade on Your Behalf
  5. Building a Believable Chain of Events in Your Novel
  6. 5 Steps to a Killer Book Talk
  7. Getting Ready to Launch a Book? Start with These 5 Questions
  8. How to Finish Your Book in Three Drafts

Fix a pot of tea, and have a seat in your favorite chair to read through the gems on Jane’s blog. The hope is that you include Jane as a valued resource, and continue trusting us to help you in your writing journey.

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