Maintaining Blog Content in 2017

Blogging can be a chore. Many of us don’t have time to maintain them yet we have tons of ideas for topics. The beauty of blogs is that they can draw new readers to your site, and they can provide useful information. Here are 10 ways to maintain your blog this year. They are simple ways.

  1. Use the NOTE app on your smart phone to jot down ideas and outline blog posts. When you’re ready to write the post, then you can send the note to your email account to copy and paste into a blank post update on your blog.
  2. Compile a list of 12 guest bloggers, and sit down and email them an invite.
  3. Save your money and explore the idea of hiring someone to write blog posts for you. Hire a ghost-blogger.
  4. Take the first two or three paragraphs from an article you like and copy them in a blog post, then link the rest of the article back to its original source.
  5. Use photographs and video on your blog. Give credit to the photographer and owner of the video content. Write one or two brief sentences introducing the photo or video.
  6. Write holiday and observance blog posts in one sitting. It is totally okay to write your Easter and July 4 posts now and schedule them for later.
  7. Use a social media scheduling tool to recycle old content to share again on Facebook and Twitter.
  8. Market your products in blog posts. If you have a new book coming out, write those posts in one sitting. Give readers links, dates, and even discount codes.
  9. Do list posts. Those are easy and fast. For example, do a list of your top 5 bloggers each month. Or write a list of 5 authors you’ve discovered.
  10. If you use, then utilize the follow feature to find content from other blogs to re-share on yours.

Yes blogging can take time, but blogging is one of the best marketing tools ever. You can write in short form or long form. You can talk about your work and services, and you can use a blog to share your interests. Also, blog content can be the gift that keeps on giving. Post something today that people will still find on the internet years later.

If you have a blog, drop the link in the comment section, please.

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