Black History Month Hacks for Social Media and Your Blog

What’s a hack? A hack is a shortcut. February is Black History Month and there is a plethora of resources online to assist you in keeping your social media timelines filled with information and inspiration. Here are several hacks for you.

  1. Create memes with quotes by black authors found at You can share quotes directly from the site to Facebook and Twitter too. Brainy Quote enables you to make a colorful meme for social sharing.
  2. Do you have some favorite musical artists your followers could enjoy? Go to and search for inspirational music to share.
  3. The Library of Congress of millions of historical images you can use for free. Find some that fit your interests and share them.
  4. If you love books, then share links to the books that changed your life and inspire you.
  5. Hold a discussion on your Facebook page about the importance of observing Black History. Create an event to discuss what matters to you and your followers. For example, create an event and discussion on books and authors that inspire you.
  6. Change your cover image to reflect the month.
  7. Post documentaries on your page. People can watch them at leisure. and have documentaries on their sites, and so does Vimeo.

These hacks are easy and not time-consuming at all. The point is to share and engage. Some of your non-black followers could appreciate the knowledge and inspiration too.

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