5 Great Ways to Talk Books and Build Relationships

It’s 2017, and while book clubs and book signings are still relevant, we need to come up with new ways to meet readers, other writers, and just grow as authors. Here are five ways to market your books, talk books, and build lasting relationships with peers and fans.

1. Dinner party. All of us belong to a club or group, right? Well, ask fellow members to host a dinner party, where the focus is food, fellowship, and a great discussion about a book or literature in general. You can make your dinner party as casual or fancy as you’d like.

2. Movie chats. Find a new (or old) movie release that is a book adaptation. Read the book with your friends or even fans, go to the movie, then meet up to discuss the movie beyond the requisite “I like the book better than the movie” chats. Dig deep about the topics the movie covers, and even discuss how the screenwriter chose to tell the book author’s story. Suggestion: Try discussing The Color Purple in 2017.

3. Playlist parties. Most of us listen to music while we’re reading, right? What if you challenge readers to create music playlists inspired by your book or your book club’s selection? Scenes inspire a song or two. Have your readers build a playlist, and then share their playlists with your followers. This is a party you can have right online without ever leaving home.

4. Book swaps. If you’re an author, do a contest that involves swapping one of your authored works with a book loved by your reader. It should not be your book. It has to be one they love. After you read the book, you discuss it with them in a private chat (phone, Skype, Messenger). Take the finer points of your private discussion, and share on social media.

5. Peek-a-boo. Choose a random follower, observe them for a week, and then spotlight them on social media. Tag them on Facebook or Twitter. Let them know you pay attention, and let them know they are valuable. Give them a book, maybe a bottle of wine, and/or some candy. Do something kind for that person.

These are just a few ideas, but I bet you have more. Share in the comments, or better yet, just execute.


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