April: Using Your Social Media to Promote Black Women’s History Month

First of all, you don’t have to be a black woman to promote or even understand the significance of black women’s contributions globally and historically. Join in on the celebration and appreciation using your social media accounts.

1 – Share information and articles from these sites. Each of these articles contains wonderful profiles of black women, some you know, some you do not:

2-Brainy Quotes has an extensive catalog of quotes about and by black women. They also have picture quotes, beautiful memes like these for Maya Angelou. Goodreads has an extensive catalog as well; look at these quotations by Zora Neale Hurston.

3- Here are three wonderful video documentaries to share:

4- Promote the books and artistic works of black women you admire.

5 – Begin discussions with a simple question asking  your followers who they admire and why.

Sharing is caring, but it’s also a way to inform. Most of us never know what we do not know, so share. And learn too. Explore your own interests and be surprised.

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