Write One Handwritten Note or Card This Month

Do you take the time to write thoughtful notes or send cards signed by your own pen? Many of us miss those days and wish for the time. Why not make the time? Here are some resources to inspire you and a couple of suggestions.

  1. Don’t overwhelm your goal to handwrite a note or card. Start with one. Maybe that one note or card will move you to write more.
  2. Retail stores like Target or T. J. Maxx have sections of beautiful notecards and greeting cards. Get one that is blank on the inside and buy yourself a special ink pen too.
  3. Have you heard of Effie’s Paper? There are some wonderful paper products on her site. This is not a commercial or ad; it’s just a recommendation to indulge in something pretty for you.
  4. Buy a book and write a thoughtful inscription if writing a note is too much. Give two gifts: a book and your well-wishes.
  5. Write a handwritten note to someone you admire and to someone doing work in your community who could use the lift to their spirits.

Write On Campaign has a list of reasons and page of resources for those of you up to the challenge. The Postal Museum Blog has a great article about the importance of letter-writing in our history. One of the points made: A hand-written letter is a gift. A letter is a gift.

Give a gift.

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