5 Things about Publishing Every Self-Published Author Should Know

Self-published authors have forever changed the publishing industry with their enterprising way of creating a book. Self-published authors have figured out how to write, print, and publish while keeping their profits. However, there are a few things newly self-published authors do not consider and should before publishing their next project.

1- Launch day is always a Tuesday. New releases are always launched by publishing houses on Tuesday. Imagine having your book on Amazon’s list of new releases with established authors in your genre.

2- Cover art is important. It’s great to have a cousin or friend who does graphic design. It is even greater to have a professional adept at creating covers that are competitive with renowned authors in your genre. Want to see how important cover art is? Visit Simon & Schuster’s Art Department’s Instagram Account.

3- Images and graphics inside of your book have to be high resolution. Otherwise, they will look fuzzy. You don’t want fuzzy images and graphics inside.

4 -Publishing houses utilize an editor to help the story read well, an editor that deals solely with grammar and punctuation, and a proofreader for the final copy.

5 – You need a book marketing plan before your book goes to print. Sit down and write a plan. (Example HERE) Why? Well, without one you’ll be wondering how to sell your book once it is published. This should be worked on and tweaked as your write, because it affects your social media and publicity strategies too.

These are just a few things, but they are the things that make the difference between success and a few dozen books sitting in boxes unsold. These five things will make your book marketing much smarter and your writing career more sustainable.


2 thoughts on “5 Things about Publishing Every Self-Published Author Should Know

  1. Great tips on self publishing. It’s truthfully out of my price range so I’m hoping to someday pursue publishing through a publisher but these posts get my wheels turning. On a side note Norman Bridwell is an author of children’s books. You have a famous writing name!

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