Facebook Page Features that Turn Your Page into a Store

Facebook pages (not personal profiles) have undergone tremendous changes over the past few months. The look and navigation are very different with almost the functionality of a website. Consider these points in creating your page.

If you to the HELP feature in the tool bar at the top of your page, you will be able to drop down to SETTINGS, which takes you backstage on your page. You will find these useful tools in the left margin navigation:

  1. EDIT PAGE. This feature enables you to choose a template that suits your business type and goals. You can play around with them to see what tabs are offered as well as layouts.
  2. PREFERRED PAGE AUDIENCE. This is the least utilized feature by most people with a page. This is where you can be as specific as possible in creating a reach (range) of people to find your page on Facebook.
  3. INSTAGRAM. You can create advertising for Instagram right from your page. And you can connect both accounts.
  4. PAYMENTS. Facebook pages only supports Stripe and PayPal, which is more than enough.

You can also do some things directly from your homepage.

  1. Create OFFERS for your followers that will be featured at the top of your page.
  2. Create a SERVICES section with the services you’re offering.
  3. Tag your services to your offers and photos to create call-to-action tabs on your image.

Lastly, you can also post a menu of food or services on most pages that have the restaurant template.

Facebook is making it easier for people to gain followers and to have an online presence that doesn’t interfere with your personal profile. Almost daily they offer coupons for free ads or a percentage off of ads, and other free features to make your page more functional. You can practice e-commerce right on Facebook with a few tweaks and hacks.

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