Summer 2017 Reading Lists

It’s June and it’s time to find out who has published what for us to read this summer. This list of reading lists is by no means exhaustive, but each met a criteria or two. It must feature African, African American and Diaspora authors and religious (Christian). All lists contain fiction and non-fiction. Ready?

Publishers Weekly Summer 2017 List – Staff Picks

Publishers Weekly Summer 2017 List – Children’s

22 Books … to Add to Your Beach Bag 2017 – Blavity

ALSC Summer 2017 Reading Lists from Birth to 8th Grade

Goodreads Summer 2017 Reading List (You can add your pick.)

Forbes Creative Leadership Summer 2017 Reading List

Buzzfeed’s Summer 2017 List

Amazon Summer 2017 Reading Lists

Barnes and Noble Summer 2017 Reading Lists

Check your local libraries and independent booksellers to see what they are recommending this summer. Are there any releases you’re looking forward to reading at the beach or on your porch this summer? Tell us in the comments.


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