7 Links to Seven Must-Visit Sections of Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is considered the publishing industry’s bible. Goodness knows there are tons of features on their site to glean information of all kinds. Below are seven linked sections on their site that are absolutely fascinating, and they are also chock-filled with information to help writers, publishers, and even readers.

Industry News

This is where you can learn what other authors are doing to market their books and anything publishing and news. They even cover media and books.

The Tip Sheet

Like short-reads and lists? The Tip Sheet provides just that for readers and authors. Catch a glimpse of what their staff thinks in this section.

Industry Deals

This section is an extension of Industry News (see above), but it reports the money side of things. Remember the $60 million dollar deal former president Obama made? Well, details are in this section.

Awards & Prizes

This section both announces winners of awards and prizes as well as award and prize competitions.


This is another extension of Industry News that features trends, bestsellers, and bookstore news. Try this article in this section: Amazon Starts Weekly Bestseller Lists.


Great section to read interviews with authors, publishing influencers, and other industry people PW finds fascinating and newsworthy.


This section reports on conferences important to publishers and writers.

Publishers Weekly is one of the greatest resources for writers and publishers, including self-publishers. Subscribe to the site or to individual newsletters. Or take some quiet time at your local library to read a hard copy.

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