July is Freedom Month: 7 Challenges

Technically, July 4 is Independence Day and the only official freedom day of the month. However, we can commemorate our personal freedoms too. Here are 7 challenges to push towards more personal and professional freedom.

  1. Admit or confess a dream that you want to come true. Confession often pushes us to action. Tell someone what you want to do.
  2. Give away something you’ve been hanging on to just because… Make room for something new.
  3. Wear a color that you’d never consider. Wear it as an article of clothing, lipstick, or as an accessory.
  4. Go somewhere by yourself. Maybe it’s a concert, play, the movies… Go alone and enjoy your own company.
  5. Be a kid again. Buy a squirt gun and have a blast shooting the water. Play jacks. Jump rope. Run through the sprinkler. Let go.
  6. Play Secret Santa in July. Do something for someone without telling a soul. It can be something as simple as leaving a gift card on a co-worker’s desk or dropping off groceries at the home of someone in need and going through a tough time. Do it in secret.
  7. Pick one day and wake up without the alarm. Let your body rest and receive the benefits of sleep.

These challenges don’t have to be yours. Create your own. The point of the challenge is to do some things differently and enjoy life more. Have you made any plans to do something out side of your comfort zone? If so, share in the comments.


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