New Hootsuite Facebook and Twitter Features for Your Social Media Plan

Assuming you use social media to market your books or products or services, there are some new features and changes you should be aware of for your plan.


  • Facebook Workplace Free Version is available until September 30. It has limited abilities and features but it’s good enough for small teams that work and communicate together. Paid or free, Facebook Workplace also offers some great resources for building a business.
  • Facebook Pages Cover Video. Instead of a cover image, you can add a short video. The specs are: 20-90 seconds of video uploaded in the same manner you upload a photo. Video footage can be looped any way you’d like. And the size of the video must be 820 x 312 pixels. Visitors can manually cut on the sound. Need an example? Visit Opera Theatre of St. Louis’ page.
  • Facebook Live Chat and Live With. You can create a private chat room now with Facebook Live. The feature allows the person on Facebook Live to pull viewing friends into a private room. Live With enables you to go live on Facebook with a friend in the form of FaceTime in a picture-in-picture mode.
  • Facebook Event Cover. If you create Facebook events, then the old size is no longer, and the new size is wider and more compact. The dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels.


  • The typography has changed. It is subtle but the fonts on their buttons are bolder and overall all fonts are easier on the eyes.
  • Twitter for Business accounts can create call-to-action buttons in the DM (direct message) center.
  • Though it is not new, the Moments feature is really nice for curating hashtags & tweets to tell a story. Each Moment once published creates its own link for you to share on any social site.


  • The dashboard has changed. You logout from the upper left hand corner. Also, they are beta testing a feature for you to create your posts before putting them in the scheduling applet.
  • As of June 30, 2017, Hootsuite is no longer accommodating scheduled posts to LinkedIn Groups.

These are the most useful updates to each of these tools. Hopefully, you will be able to incorporate some of the changes into your social media plan. If you have, please share in a comment.

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