5 Girls’ Night Out Themes for Authors and Writers

There has been a lot of buzz about the movie Girls Trip, which has women everywhere planning excursions and fun of their own. What if you plan a girls’ night out based on a mutual love of writing and books? Here are five simple ideas:

  1. Go on a location crawl to several spots or attractions around your town. While at the art museum, each woman creates a book or movie scene based on the experience.
  2. Pick a restaurant and meet to discuss your writing projects, and solicit feedback over food.
  3. Have a pajama party in a hotel suite and vent about writing.
  4. Host a book exchange. Each participant brings a book and a dessert to share.
  5. Find a fiction book containing recipes and each friend creates one of the recipes for a potluck.

Girls just want to have fun, so why not have fun that is related to your mutual loves of writing and reading?

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