5 Unique Ways to Write Your Story

Who does not like a good memoir and autobiography? In the pages of those books inspiration, healing, hope, and sympathy can be found. Some books by or about notables can be extremely difficult to read in that the story is difficult, while other books can be enjoyable reads. The point is someone shared their story. They took the time to search their souls and pour it all out on a page.

Maybe you have a compelling story to share, but you just don’t have the time or know where to begin. Instead of writing a memoir or autobiography, why not explore other ways to write your story?

  1. Combine personal reflections and memories with recipes. Culinary memoirs are growing in popularity and have been around for years. Need an example? Read Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine or Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook.
  2. Choose one event in your life, write your perspective of it, and ask others who were there to share theirs. Collaborating on a memoir-type story can be a challenge but it also can be a great way to collect family and friend stories that were pivotal to your personal growth.
  3. Write a book of firsts. What was it like to drive a car for the first time? What happened when you had a child for the first time? How was that first date? Where did you travel alone for the first time? We all have lived a lifetime of firsts that we rarely discuss or remember but would make for a great memoir-type book.
  4. Pick one person who impacted your life and write remembrances of them. The chapters do not have to be in chronological order. You can just write what you loved or did not love about someone, experiences with that person, and unpack memories of that person.
  5. Write a book with chapters that discuss all of your favorite things. Tell us about your love for apple pie or ice skating. We all have at least 20 favorite things, which can be at least 20 good chapters. Tell us why you love that thing and when it all began.

You’ve been given 5 unique ways to write your story, but truth is, there are as many unique ways as there are people. Pray and meditate for your way, and tell your story.

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