7 Things to Consider when Launching Your Book

Launching a book is one of those activities authors both love and dread. There is the tedium of the planning that can be daunting, yet the excitement of a finished product’s debut can override any of the drudgery. One thing for sure, a successful book launch is a part of your book’s marketing plan. Here are a few things to consider when launching your book:

  1. Create a “media” event, where you can invite local media and other influencers (bloggers) who will potentially report about your book and its content.
  2. If your book has a local connection, make sure you invite people who will be interested in that connection. Create a theme around that connection.
  3. Involve local vendors and make sure to create tags for their contributions and note them in any written materials related to your launch event.
  4. Hire a professional photographer to memorialize the event for you and to do post-event publicity.
  5. Send high-resolution photos to your local media and a summary of the event. Make certain people in the photos are correctly identified. Post-event publicity is a great way to market your book.
  6. Give your guests license to post updates and photos on social media. Create a simple yet effective hashtag so that you can locate them later.
  7. Livestream video periodically from your event to share with people who couldn’t attend. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can be useful for periodic updates during your launch.

Launches can be intimate or large in scale, depending on your budget. You can defray costs by partnering with other authors. Most important, you have an opportunity to be as creative as you desire.

Was anything left out? Please share your suggestions and recommendations in the comments.

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