October: National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence affects us all in some way or another, indirectly or directly. While we are all aware of it, there are nuances that often go overlooked in our fiction and non-fiction writing. Here are seven ways you can blog or write about domestic violence that could bring more awareness to its profound effect on our lives.

  1. Domestic violence and the children of victims. How do children process what they witness?
  2. Domestic violence and the increase of cases involving teenagers in relationships.
  3. Domestic violence and the costs of leaving and the costs of staying.
  4. Domestic violence and how women plot their exits.
  5. Domestic violence and men who suffer abuse from their wives and partners.
  6. Domestic violence and religion.
  7. Domestic violence and getting involved in the life of a victim who is a relative, close friend, or a work friend.

There are so many stories to be told that involve domestic violence. You can even find articles online to post on your social networks that bring awareness.

There are ways to discuss it in writing that can change a life. Perhaps you know someone who received the courage to leave an abusive relationship because of something they read, if so, share in the comments.

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