5 Alternatives to Working from Home

People who work for others in an office often romanticize working from home. They are also the ones who call those of us who work from home all day. They ask, “What are you doing?” And the answer is the same. “Working.” It takes a great deal of discipline to work from home. The distractions are many and peculiar. Do you need a change of environment? Here are five alternatives to working from home.

  1. Your local library system. One or multiple branches of your local library system offer a meeting room. Sign up for it. Sprawl your computer and papers all over a table and work away. See if your library permits snacks and coffee or tea. Be comfortable but also work with little to no distractions for a few hours.
  2. Universities and colleges. There are hundreds of makeshift and actual workspaces available to the general public at colleges and universities. They have libraries with relatively strict quiet policies. Some have study and meeting rooms. Atriums and student centers make great places to work undisturbed. Just remember to have your own access to Wi-Fi for the internet.
  3. Seek a co-working space. Many major cities and even smaller ones offer co-working spaces that rent by the month, week, and day or by the hour. Here are a couple of national chains. Regus, WeWork, and WorkBar.
  4. Rent space from a small business. See if someone is willing to rent you an unused office sporadically or regularly. Independent business people could easily welcome another way to reduce their costs while providing you with space.  
  5. Coffee shops and bookstores. Both tend to have public wireless to access the internet. Coffee shops have beverages and snacks, and some bookstores also have both. Workspaces are generally first-come-first-served but the environments can be relaxing and friendly to being productive.

Getting out of the house can be good. In fact, it is good for a change in perspective and even work habits. Do you have a favorite alternative to working from home? If so, tell us in the comments.

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