Writers’ Prep for the Holiday Season

This is now officially the end of the year. The last quarter of 2017. How are you prepared to end this year? Have you started to organize your writing life to accommodate holiday activity? If not, here are 7 suggestions:

  1. Pull out a paper calendar and a legal pad and start a list of things you want to finish before December 31. As you finish your list, add deadlines to the paper calendar, and then to your digital calendar.
  2. Using the same calendar mark off days of unavailability. If you take the week off before Thanksgiving or Christmas, block off those days. Now you know when you will not be able to write or work on the business of writing. The same goes for holiday dinners and parties.
  3. Schedule an accountability group meeting with other writers in your area or via a conference call to see how you can assist one another in completing year-end goals. Make it the most productive meeting as possible.
  4. Write your 2018 goals in a journal or on a sheet of paper to stick in your Bible or other regularly visited place. Keep it handy and as visible as possible so that you can maintain your focus.
  5. Schedule 10-30 minutes a day to writing. Ten minutes of writing can be as gratifying as 30 minutes.
  6. Ask for help or hire a virtual assistant for a month or even per project to help you complete projects or organize for the New Year.
  7. Enjoy the holiday without guilt.

That last suggestion is a pressure-releaser. Yes, you want to write but you also want to rest, relax, and relate with friends, family, or even alone. Enjoyment is every bit as a part of the process as the process.

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