5 Writing Reference Books Coming Soon

Writers are always engaged in life-long learning. Grammar rules change as do structure rules, and it is important to stay ahead of those changes as well as simply up your writing game. Here are five books soon-to-be released in December and January.

Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer, Third Edition, Moira Allen (January 2018)

 How to Publish Your Children’s Book, Liza N. Burby (January 2018)

Daily Writing Resilience: 365 Meditations & Inspirations for Writers, Bryan Robinson (January 2018)

The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life: An Instructional Memoir for Prose Writers, Stephanie Vanderslice (December 2017)

The Last Draft: A Novelist’s Guide to Revision, Sandra Scofield (December 2017)

And here are two from the archives that contain timeless information:

The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, Tyora Moody

Step-by-Step Author Website Workbook (The Literary Entrepreneur Workbook Series) (Volume 1)  Tyora Moody

You can order the December books and Tyora Moody’s books before Christmas as an early Christmas gift to you or another writer you love.

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