New to Self-publishing? Here are 7 Tips to Make the Process Easier

The first thing most people think of when considering self-publishing as an option is the profit. They believe, rightfully, that all the profit from their book sales will be their own. There are so many more things to consider but you generally do not realize it until you’re well on the way in the process. These seven tips could make the process a bit easier for you.

  1. Query other self-published authors to ask them one question. “If you had it all to do over again, what would you do?” I bet you will hear things you would never expect to hear, but things you really should hear.
  2. Consider hiring a friend or self-published author as your consultant and guide through the process. Let them serve as your project manager and wise counselor. Pay them for the valuable help and their experience.
  3. Understand that the process is expensive. The expense of the process always catches people off-guard, so budget for it and put money aside.
  4. Fundraise for your book project by selling exclusive content using a platform like Patreon. There are other crowd-funding options but Patreon is for creatives. You will be surprised how many people will help support you to through the publishing process.
  5. Most authors sell their self-published works without a proper launch strategy that includes audience research and building. Think of every way possible to market and sell that book in advance of its publication.
  6. Hire the best possible editor your money can contract, and be open to their professional criticism. The best will only want to make your project better. The best will not allow you to look crazy in print.
  7. Contract the best cover designers who specialize in book covers and exteriors. Also contract a specialist in book interiors.

Your book can either be the thing you’ve dreamed of doing all of your life, and once you’re published, you are finished. Or you can play to win by strategizing the next-to-perfect execution of a product that people will buy for years to come.

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