5 Smartphone and Online Apps for Productivity and Writing

Smartphone and browser apps are constantly being introduced and improved. We do a lot on the go, and there are some new apps that can assist you with day-to-day productivity as well as assist you in being a better writer.

Bear: An editing tool that does almost anything you use 10 tools to do. You can create elaborate notes that can be sent to Word, Evernote and more. You can even import your Evernote notes to Bear. Bear is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It has a free plan and two other pay options ($1.49 and 14.99 per month).

The online meeting and video conferencing app Join.Me is picking up speed and picking up where online conference applications leave off: mobile use. They have a free plan, pro plan and business plan worth checking out.

Any.Do is like having a personal assistant on your iOS or Android device. This app gives you an ability to create elaborate to-do lists and reminders. The Assistant feature actually assists in the completion of certain tasks. This is a free app.

oTranscribe is a Chrome extension app that  enables you to record meetings, interviews or lectures, and transcribe them. The oTranscribe website lets you type as you listen, with shortcuts to slow down or pause the audio without taking your hands off the keyboard. 

Timee is a Chrome extension that allows you to convert time zones. This can be especially good if you have to perform work with people in multiple time zones.

Apps can either be life-saving or irritating. Try one or more of these and let us know how they worked for you in the comment section below.

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