You Get a Book, You Get a Book, and You Get a Book for this Holiday Season

In my best Oprah voice, I want everyone to have at least one great book for this holiday season. Brown Girls Books and other publishers have seven books that you can buy as a gift for you, friends and family, and even give as a gift in a Secret Santa pool.

All I Want for Christmas
An anthology of stories featuring such authors as Gina Johnson, Dwon D. Moss, Patricia Woodside, and 17 others.

Couple by Christmas
Pat Simmons

The Promise of Christmas
Vanessa Miller

Five Golden Rings: A Christmas Novella
K.L. Brady

The Winter Reunion
Rhonda McKnight

A Shoulda Woulda Christmas
Michelle Stimpson

The Christmas Ultimatum
Unoma Nwankwor


All are available on Amazon for downloading on any e-reader.

If you have a quiet moment to curl up with a good holiday read, here are seven books guaranteed to please.


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