GUEST BLOGGER: My Word for 2018 by Lynette Davis

My word for 2018 is perseverance—the ability to go on when things seem hopeless or when you don’t know how everything is going to turn out. As a writer and published author, I’ve learned that there are no guarantees in the business of writing, publishing and especially marketing. The odds are simply better in some situations than others. As writers and authors, it’s up to us to find out where the odds work best for us. And for that, we need perseverance. It takes perseverance to continue to forge ahead, day after day, week after week and month after month, toward our goals and ultimately—our dreams.

As you probably know, dreams are not obtained overnight, especially in the publishing world. Our dreams begin when we set literary goals and then put all our efforts into those goals—for a desired result. As writers, it’s nearly impossible to achieve any type of goal in publishing, where everything takes ten times longer than projected—at least that’s been my experience, without setting and establishing goals. Goals keep us on track, even if we need to tweak them as we go along. Goals don’t have to be written in stone.

Writing my literary goals down work best for me. That way, I can look at them again one, three or five years later. Initially, when I write my goals down, they seem like such a long shot. But as Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until its done.” Last year, my only goal was to publish my first book. Mission accomplished. For 2018, with perseverance in mind, I’ll be concentrating on three literary goals: writing, teaching, and reading.

My writing goal is to finish the second memoir in my memoir trilogy. Since publishing my first title, I have found finding time to write a bit challenging. And since I did not participate in National Novel Writing Month, also known as Nanowrimo, I have a rather steep mountain to climb. With respect to teaching, I have an online memoir writing class on my agenda for 2018. I’m also challenging myself to read twenty-five books in the coming year. Oh, did I mention I’ll be accomplishing these three goals as I, simultaneously, tackle the steep learning curve of book marketing? which is why I remind myself often of Maya Angelou’s words, “All great achievements require time.” My dream is to change lives one book at a time.

About the Author

Lynette Davis, an educator, author, and editor, published her first book, Even Rain Is Just Water, in June of this year. Life is a journey that is navigated through calm and sometimes periods of turbulent waters. Yet through it all, most people arrive at a point of understanding the challenges that they’ve undertaken. To others, the journey continues.

“It’s a memoir of rejection, revelation and redemption,” says Davis, “that took four years to write, about a lonely little girl looking for love and acceptance. Emotional abuse was not something that was talked about as I was growing up. I wrote my memoir to bring awareness to this type of abuse and how the effects of abuse transcend into adulthood.”

After the publication of her memoir, Even Rain Is Just Water, Davis continues to analyze her life as she ventures to research the debilitating and complex pain of healing from emotional abuse.

“I see my memoir as a tool that allows me, as an author, to advocate for others who have experienced childhood emotional abuse. My book has an ending. But for many survivors, the story continues, sometimes for a lifetime. The message I hope readers take from my memoir? You are stronger than you think you are—no matter what the circumstances. After all, even rain is just water,” says Davis.

Davis received her B.A. in English from California Baptist University. She facilitates writing workshops in the Inland Empire, California, and is currently writing her second memoir, Running on Empty.

The paperback of Even Rain Is Just Water includes a reading group guide for book clubs and reading groups which allows book club members and reading groups to read, reflect and discuss their perception of the passages as it pertains to their lives as well as family members. Readers can go to to order the paperback. The eBook can be ordered through Amazon.        

2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOGGER: My Word for 2018 by Lynette Davis

  1. This rings true, especially the setting of writing goals. I would add the word ‘determination’ to ‘perseverance’. To keep on going i.e. persevere, we need the discipline & strength of purpose of determination, together with support from our writing community. Congratulations Lynne, on publishing the first of your memoir trilogy!

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