New Tools to Simplify & Organize in the New Year

All of us, at one time or another, said we just don’t have the time to begin or complete a favored project. People who long to write won’t write, because they’re juggling a ton of activities from caring for children and other family to demanding day jobs. Make some time for you by organizing your life.

Here are a few new online and app tools you can use to free up some valuable you time. The descriptions are straight from their sites.

PodKeeper is a free online organizer for busy parents with busy kids. PodKeeper offers 1) a communications tool that works even with those who aren’t on the site, 2) a calendar that syncs up with your pre-existing online calendars, 3) easy sign up lists, 4) an agenda and more. Users can create a Pod for each of their activities (office parties, Zumba class, book club, holiday planning, etc.) and their family, so there’s no need to download a handful of separate apps to keep track of it all.

Meet Edgar  isn’t just another social media tool – he’s a smart scheduler who fundamentally changes the way social traffic works. He gives your best content new life, never runs out of things to say, and is absolute aces at Double Dutch.

LastPass… Stop wasting time writing, remembering, and resetting passwords. Only remember one master password, and keep the rest locked up and easy-to-find in the LastPass password manager.

iPhone Bedtime Mode Apple recently introduced a new feature to iOS that’s designed to help, but it’s possible you missed it. The default Clock app on iOS 10 contains a special “Bedtime” setting that will nag you into better sleep habits.

Focus Keeper (Free) A simple but effective app to prevent burnout while working or studying (I use it for studying Japanese). The Pomodoro method helps not only with keeping you at your peak of attention span, but also helps with the much more subtle fear that feeds wandering attention and procrastination: the fear that the workload will never end. It’s perfect and very comforting for overwhelming tasks that you dread sitting down to tackle.

Yes, organization takes time, but you have to do it to do what you love. Do you have a favorite app or tool to stay organized? If so, share it in the comments.

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