Increase Your Online Book Reviews

Do you have a book listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads? If so, if you don’t currently have many reviews under your listing(s), there are a few things you can do to increase them.

  1. Every time someone sends you a direct message on social media or an email praising your book, ask them to repeat their kind words by posting on the sites carrying your book. Give them direct links to make it easier and move them to an immediate action. Make the ask while thanking them.
  2. Create a graphic using a tool like that contains an image of your book with a request for reviews. Post the graphic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and supply a shortened link to the site in question. Use a scheduling tool to post the request a few times each month.
  3. If you have a newsletter, then ask every time the newsletter is released to your subscribers.
  4. Ask fellow authors to post a request on your behalf. Do the same for them.
  5. If active with your publisher, then ask their PR and social media team to make the request for you as well.

Another way to get reviews is to ask at your book signings or when you visit with book clubs. Send a message to book clubs that featured your work. Ask them for the feedback on any of those sites.

How have you solicited reviews from readers? Let me know below in the comment section.

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