Are You Leveraging Your Book Reviews?

Book reviews posted on Amazon and other sites, including compliments posted on social media are pure gold. Are you leveraging reader reviews of your books? Are you making the most out of them? Here are a few tips:

  • On public sites like Amazon and Goodreads, copy and paste reviews into graphics you can make with a tool like Share those reviews on social media and tag the reviewer if possible.
  • Copy and paste them onto a page on your book’s site.
  • Before publishing your next book, use a few reader reviews on the back cover, on the inside and wherever it helps to boost confidence in you and the next project.
  • If you have a reader newsletter, pull a few and include them in your messages.
  • Post them on your Facebook and Twitter cover images.

Maybe you can even tweet a few out so that your readers see that you recognize them as valued.

Readers are rarely rewarded for their devotion. You can leverage your reviews for marketing, but you can also leverage them for fan support. And the fans surely deserve the support.

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