5 Must-Read Blogs for Aspiring and Established Playwrights

Perhaps you have a desire to turn your novel into a play or you have a play that needs refreshing, these five blogs can assist you by providing information and inspiration.

The Playscripts Blog is a courtesy of a site that is a repository of scripts by established and budding playwrights. The blog contains interviews, practical advice, and industry inside information. You can even find free scripts to read.

How to Playwright is a collection of short essays by playwrights. It’s a very simple site to navigate, everything is in alphabetical order.

Produce a Play is a robust site filled with how-tos on play production from budgeting to opening night. Though it is not a fancy site, it contains a wealth of knowledge, especially for the novice producer.

Howlround is for diverse playwrights and theatermakers. The site contains plenty of advice and even job and residency opportunities for people who want to work in theater. You can also find great information here too.

Writers Room Confidential is a perfect convergence of playwrights, novelists, and screenwriters. All of the entries are expert and in many cases, inspiring.

Hopefully these resources will provide you with some impetus to pursue adapting your fiction work for the stage or simply finish an incomplete work.

Have you thought about converting your novel to a stage work? If so, share in the comments.

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