Bring a Flare for Drama to Your Next Book Signing with These Suggestions

The book signing is a way of life for authors, and they are pretty much the same format. Did you know you can deviate from the script by using a flare for the dramatic? Sure you can, try these suggestions.

  1. Go to your local university and offer a stipend to some theater students to act out a scene or two in your novel at your signing.
  2. Open your signing with some acapella singing. Invite a friend from church or the community to come in and sing a song to warm up your audience. You don’t have to do anything fancy but it can be a fun way to begin a signing program.
  3. If you sing or play an instrument, open for yourself and shake off nervousness with a performance before addressing your audience. That’s a great way to show off your own diversity as an artist as well as ward off the awkwardness of starting a reading. Just walk out and start singing or playing.
  4. Plant actors in your audience. Read one character and let those actors stand up and respond to your character like it’s written in the book. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be a great way for audiences to get a feel for your story. It’s also a cool way to surprise your audience.
  5. Invite unsuspecting members of your audience to read with you. Give them a character and you act it out together.

A flare for the dramatic can be fun and engaging. There are so many things you can do. Invite in a spoken word artist to articulate some point of your book. Have your audience sing a popular song with you. The point of bringing drama is to create a memorable event and inspire a few sales at the same time.

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