Unconventional Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to Attract New People

It’s springtime and time to refresh our social media strategies. One simple strategy is to explore the use of seemingly unconventional hashtags. These are not your usual hashtags but they can be made relative to your book, project, and marketing goals.

Are your readers primarily African American and young? Try #fortheculture and see who follows and checks you out.  #fortheculture on Instagram & #fortheculture on Twitter

Posting about a work-in-progress or quoting a published literary work? Try #spilledink on Instagram and on Twitter

Writing a memoir or autobiography? Try #memoirchat on Instagram and Twitter

Shamelessly promote your book and/or interests with #bestread on Twitter or Instagram

Share your book with #FridayReads on Twitter  or #mustread on Twitter and Instagram

Do you have an amazing book cover? Use #bookcover on both Twitter and Instagram

#WriteForFood is on both and a great one to see who is freelancing or publishing their work

Are you writing about senior citizens or baby boomers? Try using #disruptaging and #artfulaging and even #creativeaging to promote your work

Hint: Sometimes a hashtag can have millions or thousands of users and as few as a hundred, either is fine for attracting the people you need to sell a book, sell yourself as an author, or build a following. Have fun with them.

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