Do you have a Wikipedia page? No? Well, maybe you should

Wikipedia has progressively become a credible source of information used by researchers, journalists, and even college students. If you don’t have a Wikipedia profile, then maybe it’s time to consider one.

  1. Wikipedia entries are generally at the top of search engine rankings.
  2. Wikipedia entries are a great substitute for websites if you don’t have one. It contains no contact information, but it can serve as a place to read your bio and accomplishments.
  3. Wikipedia can lend credibility to you as a professional.

Anyone (but you) can create a page for you, but in order to keep that page, you must:

  • Meet their ‘notability guidelines
  • Keep the language neutral and all information – good, bad, indifferent – factual as in verifiable
  • Find someone skilled at crafting entries to create one for you

Wikipedia has strict policies and guidelines and their editors determine if an entry stays or goes. All photographs used must have permissions from the photographer or owner of the photograph as well as be credited to them. Well-written and edited entries are always a good thing. Lastly, you cannot write in the first person or use the entry as a promotional thing. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia not showcase.

Check out these examples for inspiration:

Beverly Jenkins

Terry McMillan (note the errors)

Bebe Moore Campbell

Study those guidelines carefully and take the plunge.

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