May is ‘Older American’ Month: Writing and Social Sharing Prompts

If you’re a regular social media user, you have probably noticed AARP’s Disrupt Aging posts and hashtag #disruptaging in their timelines. They’ve done a bang up job of leading discussions on age and aging. May is Older American Month and it is a great opportunity to get in on the conversation with some writing prompts and social sharing prompts.

Writing Prompts

  • Are you writing a novel? Is there an older character? If so, consider giving them an unconventional storyline or backstory.
  • Are you writing a novel? Is there a younger character who can be re-written as an older character?
  • Set a timer and write about a personal experience with an elder. Give yourself 30 minutes without self-editing and censoring yourself. Just write to beat the clock.
  • If you’re a blogger, choose an older person to focus on in a post. Is there someone who is related to your topic and subject matter? Showcase them.

Social Sharing

  • Visit AARP’s site and find some personal stories and articles to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use the hashtags #disruptaging and #olderamericanmonth to share with your followers.
  • Look up quotes about aging online to share with beautiful  free photos from Pexels or Burst.
  • Share your own story about aging. Did you know you can submit a personal story to AARP?

Do you have specific thoughts about aging you’d like to share with your audience? You should do so and May is a great time.

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